'It's important that I package and touch every piece of art that you recieve. I want to put as much positive energy into the world. I've decided to create some poster art, introductory poems, and individualized every VEIL package with hand written notes. In addition, I have digitalized content for immersion.... but reading my lyrics that come with the vinyl, and listening to my music should be enough! I hope you enjoy your package!'

- eaoh Argos

"Quiet moments. The time when we see spirits reflect our truths and we recognize how fragile our lives are in passing. These are the moments captured by eaoh Argos, in her debut album. Isolated, her visual imagery brings you to places that she knows intimately as she dances within the lyrics and scales. The composition of each song purposefully binds our fears, longing, delight and joy."

"She has created a diary of emotional resonance. She is young, ethereal and powerful. These are her truths.


- Arjun Chatterjee

VEIL Vinyl Record Pack